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Wraps & Supports

Fine products for fine tastes; while you search for wraps and supports, check out here.
Brijx products provide pain relief and help maintain your movement. Made of soft but supportive materials that conform to your skin’s unique contours. Therefore, our products are made with Thermoolix which quickly absorbs into your skin. Also, Brijx’s exclusive Flaxseed Formula that naturally soothes your muscles.

How Wraps & Supports Help

Target Specific Muscles
Wrist wraps diminish the strain on your wrists and spot it onto the focused on muscle, assisting you with expanding your exercises.

Bigger Muscle Growth:
Muscle development is a blend of work and rest, yet you shouldn’t need to take rest days just on the grounds that your grasp is powerless. Wrist wraps give hold uphold so you can prepare reliably for longer terms.

Upgrade Workout Variety
Wearing rec center wrist uphold wraps urges you to attempt practices that already may have been restricted by wrist or grasp strength.