About Us

About Us; Serving around the globe, Brijx Corporation is a specialized manufacturer of sporting goods which includes but not limited to American Football, Sports Bags, Sportswear, Fitness and Gym Accessories.

Founded 11 years ago, by a group of sports enthusiasts, Brijx has grown as a family of professionals. Our products reflect decades of experience of our core members who commit to bringing perfection in their work. With proprietary technology and advanced design, Brijx continues to deliver innovative products compatible with changing necessities of the sports industry.

Brijx is well conversant with customer needs worldwide including United States, Canada, Europe, UK, and Australia. Our athlete-centric philosophy allows us to design for needs that transcend protection, feel, comfort, durability, performance, and style. We stay ahead of the game with a tireless work ethic and nonstop drive to innovate for sportsmen’s fast-changing needs.

Our experts are constantly on the watch for new ideas and technology to improve the products for our client’s requirements. We realize that quality products are not enough to make room in our clients’ hearts, therefore we equally focus on the services and always strive to achieve both goals.